Monitors: Improving Safety or Increasing Risk?

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"Monitors: Improving Safety or Increasing Risk?" Lecturer: Charles Durbin Jr., MD, FCCM. Monitoring is a routine and common component of caring for critically ill patients and patients at risk for serious, unpredictable deterioration. This presentation will review the explosion of devices developed to provide monitoring for patients in and outside the ICU. Unintended consequences of this massive deployment of technology has led to problems with false alarms, caregiver distraction, environmental noise pollution, failure to respond to real alarms, and fatigue resulting in worsening patient outcomes. Using pulse oximetry as a prototype monitor and familiar device, the important issues of monitoring in general will be investigated. A paradigm that can be used to evaluate the impact of monitoring in general will be developed. Evaluation of a monitor requires understanding the care decisions and actions driven by its use, not by the presence or absence of the device itself. Confusion with making clinical diagnoses (e.g., "hypoxia") and monitoring (e.g., identifying "falling saturations and intervening") leads to the misunderstandings about the value and use of monitoring. Item #CT20167

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