The AARC University Neonatal-Pediatric section is sponsored by an unrestricted education grant from Medtronic.

Please note that all programs require the participant to view the entire program prior to taking the final quiz and obtaining a course certificate.

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Course Name
A Guide to Aerosol Delivery Devices for Respiratory Therapists- 5th Edition
A Guide to Portable Oxygen Concentrators
A Guide to the Nutritional Assessment and Treatment of the Critically Ill Patient, 2nd edition
A LOTT of Oxygen: An Update
AARC Exam Prep Program
Adult Critical Care Specialist (ACCS) Re-credentialing Package
Adult Critical Care Specialist Prep Course
Advanced Leadership Institute - Education Track Package
Advanced Leadership Institute- Management Track Package
Advanced Leadership Institute- Research Track Package
Advanced Practice Respiratory Therapy: A Panel Discussion
Advanced Ventilator Modes in the PICU
Aerosolized Medications: Acute and Maintenance Treatment of Asthma
ALI: Education Track: Ch. 1- Simulation (constructing, evaluation and assessment)
ALI: Education Track: Ch. 2- IPE and teamwork training +IPCP
ALI: Education Track: Ch. 3- Feedback as an enhanced topic
ALI: Education Track: Ch. 4 - Recognizing and guiding the challenging learner
ALI: Education Track: Ch. 5 - Changing curriculum to meet future needs
ALI: Education Track: Ch. 6 - Recruitment
ALI: Management Track: Ch. 1 - The Departmental Impact on Conducting Research
ALI: Management Track: Ch. 2 - Establishing Value for the Respiratory Care Department
ALI: Management Track: Ch. 3 - Creating a Leadership Style of Innovations
ALI: Management Track: Ch. 4 - Strategic Planning - People Development and Succession Planning
ALI: Management Track: Ch. 5 - Mastering Difficult Conversations
ALI: Research Track: Ch. 1 - Research Elements: Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed Methods Investigations
ALI: Research Track: Ch. 2 - Participant Safety and Ethical Considerations
ALI: Research Track: Ch. 3 - Investigational Product Development and Regulation
ALI: Research Track: Ch. 4 - Clinical Research Study Operations and Regulatory Affairs: Lessons from the Commercial Setting
ALI: Research Track: Ch. 5 - Applied Statistics
ALI: Research Track: Ch. 6 - Grant Proposal Development