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Course Name
A Guide to the Nutritional Assessment and Treatment of the Critically Ill Patient, 2nd edition
A LOTT of Oxygen: An Update
Adult Critical Care Specialist (ACCS) Re-credentialing Package
Adult Critical Care Specialist Prep Course
Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency and the Respiratory Therapist
Case Studies in Non-Invasive Ventilation: After Patient Selection
Clinical Application and Case Studies Applying the TCAV method of APRV
Covid-19 Year in Review: A Panel Discussion
COVID-19: Lessons Learned
COVID-19: Early Critical Care Bedside and Operational Lessons
High Flow Nasal Cannula: Where are we now?
Interventions to Optimize Oxygenation During Mechanical Ventilation
Liberation from Mechanical Ventilation in the Adult ICU
Mechanical Ventilation: Liberation and Long-Term
RCJ Aug. 2023 “Evaluation of a Closed Suction System With Integrated Tube-Scraping Technology”
RCJ Feb. 2022: "Impact of the Inspiratory Gases Humidification Strategy in MV Covid-19 Patient"
RCJ Jan. 2022: "Impacts of HFNC Device, Neb. Type & Placement on Trans-nasal Aerosol Delivery"
RCJ Mar. 2023: “Usefulness of inhaled sedation in patient with severe ARDS due to COVID-19”
RCJ May 2022: "Patient-Ventilator Synchrony in NAVA and Variable PSV"
RCJ Nov 2022: "Evolution of resp muscles thickness in mech ventilated patients with COVID-19"
RCJ OCT 2022: Impact of Breathing Pattern and Nebulization on Expelled Viral Content During Me...
RCJ Sept. 2022: Decline in Vent. Ratio as a Predictor of Mortality in Proned Adults w/ ARDS
Recognizing and Correcting Patient-Ventilator Asynchrony
Recognizing Work Shifting and Asynchrony During Breath Delivery
Science and Clinical Research of APRV using the TCAV Method
The Art of Mechanical Ventilation: Patient-Ventilator Interaction
Transitioning from Acute Care to Home Care
Transport of the ECMO Patient