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Advanced Leadership Institute - Education Track Package
Advanced Leadership Institute- Management Track Package
Advanced Leadership Institute- Research Track Package
ALI: Education Track: Ch. 1- Simulation (constructing, evaluation and assessment)
ALI: Education Track: Ch. 2- IPE and teamwork training +IPCP
ALI: Education Track: Ch. 3- Feedback as an enhanced topic
ALI: Education Track: Ch. 4 - Recognizing and guiding the challenging learner
ALI: Education Track: Ch. 5 - Changing curriculum to meet future needs
ALI: Education Track: Ch. 6 - Recruitment
ALI: Management Track: Ch. 1 - The Departmental Impact on Conducting Research
ALI: Management Track: Ch. 2 - Establishing Value for the Respiratory Care Department
ALI: Management Track: Ch. 3 - Creating a Leadership Style of Innovations
ALI: Management Track: Ch. 4 - Strategic Planning - People Development and Succession Planning
ALI: Management Track: Ch. 5 - Mastering Difficult Conversations
ALI: Research Track: Ch. 1 - Research Elements: Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed Methods Investigations
ALI: Research Track: Ch. 2 - Participant Safety and Ethical Considerations
ALI: Research Track: Ch. 3 - Investigational Product Development and Regulation
ALI: Research Track: Ch. 4 - Clinical Research Study Operations and Regulatory Affairs: Lessons from the Commercial Setting
ALI: Research Track: Ch. 5 - Applied Statistics
ALI: Research Track: Ch. 6 - Grant Proposal Development
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