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Full Leadership Institute - Education Track Package

This series of courses was designed to provide real-world education for respiratory therapists who wish to expand their breadth and depth of knowledge beyond the clinical realm. The Leadership Institute was designed and developed by content experts in respiratory care education, management, and research. The information and activities in the Leadership Institute provide a foundation for future growth in your career.

The Education Track will provide the learner with a strong foundation for education in respiratory care. The content of this track is based on critical competencies of respiratory care educators and developed by content experts.

This package contains all 6 AARC Leadership Institute - Education Track online courses that collectively provide you with 15 CRCE and a discount over the individual courses!

Once the package is purchased, you will see all 6 courses listed above in your AARC University classroom. A score of 80% is required to pass each individual course.

Approved for 15.00 CRCE Hours.


Identify principles and methods of respiratory therapy adult education
Identify best practices for developing respiratory therapy courses and evaluation of learning
Identify effective classroom, laboratory, and clinical instruction techniques
Discuss effective educational technology
Define continuing education and discuss its role in the respiratory therapy profession


Chapter 1: Principles and Methods of Adult Education

Chapter 1 discusses the basic principles of adult education and their application in the field of Respiratory Care.

Speaker Information

Toni Rodriguez EdD RRT FAARC

Chapter 2: Developing RT Courses & Evaluation of Learning

Chapter 2 focuses on the preparation, administration and evaluation of student learning.

Speaker Information

Diane Oldfather, MHEd, RRT, FAARC

Chapter 3: Clinical Instruction Techniques for Students & Employees

Chapter 3 discusses the application of instructional techniques in the clinical environment.

Speaker Information

Sarah Varekojis, PhD, RRT, FAARC

Chapter 4: Classroom & Laboratory Instruction Techniques

Chapter 4 focuses on instruction and analysis of didactic and laboratory learning.

Speaker Information

Christine Hamilton DHSc RRT

Chapter 5: Educational Technology

Chapter 5 discusses the application of instructional technology.

Speaker Information

Samantha Davis MS RRT RRT-NPS AE-C

Chapter 6: Continuing Education

Chapter 6 discusses the assessment and development of continuing education in the work environment.

Speaker Information

Diane Oldfather MHEd RRT FAARC

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