2022 AARC Explores Series

2022 AARC Explores Series

AARC Explores

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This annual series offers an in-depth exploration of recent scientific advancements in respiratory care and the evidence-based practices that improve delivery of care and reduce readmissions. Each video is presented by leaders in respiratory care. The videos offer flexibility for group or individual viewings. Individual pathways are:

March: Neuromodulation for Sleep Disordered Breathing. Lecturer: Meena Khan, MD.

April: New Frontiers in COPD TreatmentLecturer: Mike Hess MPH, RRT, RPFT.

May: Session 1: COVID-19 ARDS: A Distinct Type, Different From Other Forms of ARDS. Pro Lecturer:  Jaspal Singh, MD, MS, MHA and Con Lecturer: Neil MacIntyre, MD. Session 2: Understanding Silent Hypoxia in COVID-19 Patients: The Myth of Happy Hypoxics. Lecturer: Michael Lipnick, MD.

June: Session 1: Bedside Morality: Clinical Ethics for the RT. Lecturer: James Damron, MDiv, RRT, CPFT. Session 2: Perceptions of Palliative Care: The RT's Role in Maximizing Quality of Life. Lecturer: Shawna Strickland, PhD, RRT, FAARC.

July: Session 1: Has COVID-19 Changed How We Manage the Ventilated ARDS Patient? Lecturer: Thomas Piraino, RRT, FCSRT, FAARC. Session 2: Respiratory Drive in COVID-19 Patients. Lecturer: Eddy Fan, MD, PhD.

August: Session 1: Aerosolized Surfactant Replacement Therapy: A Novel Innovaio for RDS and PARDS. Lecturer: Rob DiBlasi, RRT, RRT-NPS, FAARC. Session 2: You Can't Stop Progress? Advanced Ventilator Modes in the PICU. Lecturer: Andrew Miller, MSc, RRT, RRT-ACCS, RRT-NPS, FAARC.

September: Changing the Definition and Perception of COPD. Lecturer: David Mannino, MD.

October: Session 1: Current State of High Frequency Ventilation for Neonates. Lecturer: Jon Emberger, RRT, RRT-ACCS, FAARC. Session 2: Unconventional Use of NIV for Pediatric Patients with Chronic Lung Disease.  Lecturer: Howard Panitch, MD.

November: Mechanical Ventilation in ARDS Quo Vadis? Lecturer: Richard Kallet, MS, RRT, FAARC.

December: Airway Safety in Neonatal/Pediatrics. Teresa Volsko, MBA, RRT, FAARC.

**Each program is approved for one hour of CRCE credit per staff participant who successfully completes the test. Each title comes with course materials, proctor guide, CRCE log and completion certificates.

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