2020 Medicare Payment Guide for RT/Cardiopulmonary Services (MedLearn)

2020 Medicare Payment Guide for RT/Cardiopulmonary Services (MedLearn)

Coding Resources

A time-saving  pathway to essential payment information

Quite simply, this resource provides the easiest and fastest way to find the most up-to-date Medicare payment information for a full range of respiratory therapy and cardiopulmonary

services — EKGs, stress tests,  sleep studies and many more. Are you receiving  the full payment for services rendered? Are you complying with all regulatory requirements? One convenient reference quickly delivers  the answers you need!

Features and Benefits

Updated  and NEW information:

Payment changes with the most current conversion factors

Updated status indicators

Easy to navigate  — typical procedures are mapped to ambulatory payment classifications (APCs), current  reimbursements and status indicators

At-a-glance tables  with crosswalks compare the prior year payment rate to the current rate

Key to status  indicators at the bottom  of every other  page, guiding you through

Medicare payment policies

Provides payment information for all services performed in your RT/pulmonary function, cardiopulmonary and sleep study departments — this is the perfect companion to our Coding Essentials for RT/Pulmonary Function  book

Item will ship mid December. ITEM# BKCM2020 (MedLearn)

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