AARC Explores - Pathway 9

AARC Explores - Pathway 9

AARC Explores

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Mechanical Ventilation in ARDS Quo Vadis?

Since the early descriptions of ARDS in the late 1960s, how to provide mechanical ventilation for patients with ARDS has been hotly contested. In the early days, IMV vs. Assist control and low vs high PEEP were sources of intense disagreement. A plethora of high frequency ventilation devices have come and gone. The landmark work regarding ventilator induced lung injury in the early 2000s changed how we approach ventilatory support in ARDS. ECMO has danced on the edges of ARDS management for 50 years. What is the future of mechanical ventilation in ARDS? Avoiding invasive ventilation through NIV, HFNC and ECMO are on the rise. Will driving pressure measurement and control open a new era? What about electronic muscle stimulation and diaphragm protective ventilation? This lecture asks, Quo Vadis, literally, General, where are we going? Lecturer: Richard Kallet, MS, RRT, FAARC

**This program is approved for one hour of CRCE credit per staff participant who successfully completes the post-video test. This is a single video from the AARC Explores 2022 series. Video comes with course materials, proctor guide, CRCE log and completion certificates.