The Future of Mech. Ventilation for ARDS

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"The Future of Mechanical Ventilation for ARDS" Lecturer: Eddy Fan MD, PhD, FAARC, FCCM. After nearly 50 years of research, mechanical ventilation remains the cornerstone of management for patients with ARDS. However, one of the most important advances in that time is the understanding that mechanical ventilation, in and of itself, can cause and potentiate lung injury. Lung protective ventilation with lower tidal volumes and airway pressures represent the standard of care in 2016. Unfortunately, mortality and morbidity from ARDS remain unacceptably high - can we do better? In this presentation, the presenter will briefly review the current evidence for lung protective ventilation, recent epidemiological evidence regarding its use, and forthcoming evidence-based guidelines. From there, the presenter will examine current and ongoing basic, physiological, and clinical research that may shape the future of ventilatory management for ARDS. Item # CT20176

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