Life & Breath DVD

  • Category: Recruiting & Career

More than any other presentation tool that has come before, today's Life and Breath on DVD will give you all the information and flexibility needed to show prospective RTs and others just what it is that respiratory therapists do and why they are so dedicated to their profession. With up-to-date information on growth of the profession, educational requirements, salaries, and the specialties available, you can get the attention of high-school students in search of a fast-paced, high-tech career, or attract others looking for a more challenging and rewarding profession. The flexibility of a DVD format allows viewing on a PC, MAC, or DVD player with a television. DVD includes a basic, informative 7-1/2 minute video that can be played on demand or in a continuous loop to give you a great presentation tool for fairs and schools. Also includes an overview of specialties, with an option to play the entire video (about 30 minutes) in a continuous loop. Item # SW0022-A. Also available in a licensed version - see SW0022LIC-A.

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